Today, we honor the unsung heroes of visual novel production, the hardworking development and localization staff... 's cats. And what better way to do it than with a...

Meet the Cats

This is Mano-chan, she’s a five-year-old munchkin cat who works for Novectacle. She used to be so anxious that she would soil herself when company was present, but these days she greets guests and shamelessly sleeps in public. She’s quite fond of men, and seems to have a particular liking to Moyataro. Because of her short stature, she can’t really hold her own in a fight, so her younger brother Bokuju always wins. This seems to be a source of stress for her as of late. She has a kind and gentle demeanorand never attacks people, yet for some reason enjoys nipping at Hanada’s ankles. A strange form of affection perhaps?

This is Tamamo, the very soft and fluffy companion of MangaGamer’s lead translator, Kouryuu. She enjoys the company of humans, but very much on her own terms. You’ll often find her draped over the backs and arms of chairs like a blanket.

These are Kanoko (left) and Mame (right), seven-year-old twin sisters who work with PONSUKE of ClockUp fame. They may look close in this photo, but they really only get cuddly with each other when it’s cold out.

This is Alastor! He's an energetic and fluffy eight-year-old Maine Coon/Tabby who works with Kaitsu and DS55 at MangaGamer. He loves people, and will snuggle up and lick you first chance he gets! Alastor's most notable feature is his half-stache. His favorite foods are, to his parents dismay, buffalo chicken tenders, sour cream, and ham.

This is the mysterious Mugi-chan, who works with Shinji Katakura from Overdrive.

This is Floyd, he works with Good Haro at MangaGamer. He used to be a stray, but he’s so picky about food it’s hard to imagine what he survived on out on the street. He enjoys going for walks on a leash, but only if there aren’t any people around.

This is Bokuju, a two year old tonkinese who works for Novectacle. He used to be an outgoing boy who would always sit on visitor’s laps, but he’s become quite shy recently. Perhaps he’s developed some degree of self-awareness. His obsession with food causes his owners no small deal of trouble. He enjoys attacking people when they eat, falling into the mapo tofu pot, stealing chicken from the rice cooker, sneaking into the closet to tear into bags of cat food, leaping into the faces of humans trying to drink hot milk, and the cherry on top: eating dish towels. He basically does whatever he pleases whenever he pleases. Every day is a battle living with Bokuju.

This is Nugget, he works with Good Haro at MangaGamer. He was adopted as an orphan kitten of dubious origins from a neighbor kid. His favorite things in the world are food, snuggling with his older brother Floyd, and sneaking up on people to attempt to scale their legs with his needle-sharp claws.

This is Yomogi, a rotund five-year-old boy who works with PONSUKE of ClockUp fame. He’s a spoiled, glutton who loves stealing humans’ chairs the moment they vacate them.

This is Jasper, he works with Gaudy from MangaGamer. His likes include wet food, high places, and sleeping in the sink with all of the toiletries around the sink piled on top of him. His favorite activities include chasing the uncapturable red dot from hell, sitting in shadows and watching his human search for him for hours, and evenly scattering the stuffing from his pink mouse toy around the entire house. R.I.P. pink mouse toy.

This is Jijisuke. He works at Waffle and he has an interesting story behind his name: “I found this little black kitten whose eyes weren’t even open yet on the very day of my high school mock exams. I rushed home and dropped him off with my mother to take care of while I sat for my exams, and when I came home she had given him the same name as the most famous black cat in all Japan, ”Jiji”. Frustrated that I didn’t get to name the cat myself, I took to calling him “Jijisuke” and eventually my family began to adopt the name as well. When I saw his vet papers listing his name as “Jijisuke” I felt like I’d finally won.”

Nutmeg works as Amy's assistant at MangaGamer. She is tasked with the vital job of making sure Amy knows EXACTLY when it is an hour before dinner and then standing nearby and staring at her for that entire hour, just in case she forgets. She shares Amy's love of baked goods, which is where she gets her name (but she is tragically not allowed to eat them).

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