What is real? What is just a dream? How can you be certain one is not the other? When dreams seem real and reality fades into a dream, where does the truth lie? For Tohru Naitou, a young man forced to experience lucid dreams when he rests, that question is not an easy one. Though his only rest from the nightmare is exhaustion, a girl claims she can put an end to them--but is she real? Or is it all a happy nightmare?

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Lucid dreams.

Dreams where you know that you're dreaming.

After an accident in his youth, Tohru Naitou began to have nothing but lucid dreams. Always being aware of when he's dreaming meant that his mind could no longer rest when he was asleep. Only when he collapsed from utter exhaustion does he finally get a reprieve.

Lucky for him, he has a childhood friend, Saki, who insists on calling him 'Nii-san' that tries to do what she can to support him. In his science club, his sempai Yayoi is endlessly amused by his awkward way of living. And he has an underclassman, Keiko, who likes to sing in front of the station and likes to call him weird for his less than normal attitude towards life.

Tonight, Tohru dreams again. But this dream is different from those that came before.

"Maia...? Why are you in my dream...?"

A girl he hasn't seen ever since he started having lucid dreams, and to Tohru, this was the very worst form she could take. But Maia wasn't the only one who appeared.

"I'll put an end to bad dreams right here."

With those words, a girl who calls herself Alice rescues Tohru from Maia's grasps. Alice says that she's a traveler of dreams, and now she's come to Tohru's dream. What could all this mean? The anxious Tohru certainly has no answers as Maia softly whispers into his ear:

“This is the story of a sweet, happy nightmare.”


Developer: Purple Software
Platform: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8
Language: English text, Japanese audio (full voice except protagonist)
Genre: Fantasy
Content: 18+
Graphics: 1280x720, uncensored
Art: Koku, Hiro Tsukimori
Script: Ryouto Morisaki
SD Illustrations: Haruka Komowata
Saki Hasuno Yukari Aoyama
Keiko Hirasaka Aoba Ringo
Maia Naitou Soyogi Tohno
Alice Toriumi Rikka Kitami
Yayoi B. Lutwidge Kazane
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