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Takamaru Ikusabe The Story Evil ninjas have invaded Japan to try and conquer it with their deviant ideals and revive the ancient creature that grants them power! And the only way to stop them--is to get it on with your own group of ninjas!Takamaru was living an ordinary life, looking for love. Despite the valliant efforts of his landlord’s daughter, Narika, to get in the way, one day Takamaru falls for a girl named Haruka at first sight.That very evening, Takamaru and Narika are attacked by a mysterious group of ninjas called the Noroi only to be saved by none other than Haruka clad in kunoichi gear. In an even more shocking turn of events, Haruka declares Takamaru her master and asks him to have sex with her!It turns out that Takamaru is the heir to a clan of heroic ninjas known as the Crescent Moons and as such he has the ability to provide a supernatural energy called Sex Power (SP) through a ritual called Dragon Synergy (which is essentially sex).Thanks to Takamaru’s generous “assistance”, Haruka manages to fight off the ninjas, but this is only the beginning of their long and arduous battle…
Narika Shihoudou Subaru Haruka Takamori The Crescent Moons

Narika Shihoudou
A girl three years younger than Takamaru, and the daughter of his landlord and the head of the dojo he attends, Seigen Shihoudou. Actually a member of the Crescent Moons, she didn't initially participate in combat, but certain circumstances led to her becoming a Blade and throwing herself into a life of sex and fighting.

Though well practiced in martial arts, her personality is that of a normal girl, and she particularly loves anything sweet. She's hit on around town frequently enough to be aware of how cute she is, but still has feelings of inferiority when put next to Haruka's body and personality. Albeit cold at times, she's a caring girl at heart and has positive feelings for Takamaru.

Haruka Takamori
A Blade, the title given to the Crescent Moons' strongest kunoichis, who chased after Noroi from the past into the future. For Takamaru's protection, and to study the current world herself, she began to attend Jippou Academy. Most of the time, she's just a normal girl observing modern society and trying to fit in. Despite being in the same year of school as Takamaru, she's actually older than he is.

Her talent is so great that she achieved the rank of Blade far faster than most, but she could never bring herself to cross the line of giving her past master her chastity, leaving her not truly a Blade at the time she arrived in the modern age.

While normally a kind, warm, big-hearted girl, she becomes an elegant warrior in battle.

A Blade of the Crescent Moons, as well as Haruka's close friend and senior kunoichi. During the effort to stop the Noroi Faction from traveling to the future, she lost to one of their leaders, Ittou Hagane, after which she was imprisoned in Castle Infinity.

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Kikyou-dayu Orochimaru Ensai Mukuroi Ittou Hagane The Noroi Faction

The Tetra Sealer known as the Red Guardian. Unlike the other Tetra Sealers, she's driven purely by ego, and her self-obsession itself gives her great power.

The Tetra Sealer known as the Blue Guardian. The newest member of the Tetra Sealers, he strongly opposes anyone who claims to fight for justice and sees the Blades as his rivals.

xEnsai Mukuroi
One of the Tetra Sealers, the four leaders of the Noroi Faction, as well as its founder. His title is the Black Guardian. A blind monk, his eyes produce a constant stream of bloody tears. He founded the Noroi Faction to achieve True Eternity, his ideal for the world in which peace is created through fear.

xIttou Hagane
The Tetra Sealer swordsman known as the White Guardian. Albeit ranked as the Noroi Faction's second-in-command, he's rumored to be its strongest member. When Haruka and Subaru tried to stop the time leap in the past, he severed one of Subaru's arms, displayed his overwhelming superiority. His chosen name itself means "Sword", as he sees himself as the sword cleaving its way to his ideals.

Gameplay The game is divided into days, where each day has a Morning, Afternoon, and Night phase. The morning and afternoon phases have the same options, intended for preparing for battle. The night phase is mostly focused on stopping the Noroi Faction's evildoing around town. Morning/Afternoon Phase Dragon Synergy Skills Character Status Night Phase Deploy Combat Castle Raid
Information Buy it Now! Beat Blades HarukaDeveloperAlicesoftRelease dateFebruary 29th, 2016Price: $34.95Platform: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10Language: English text, Japanese audio (partial voice),-uncensored graphicsGenre: Action, raising sim, hardcoreContent: 18+, over 150 H-scenes!