Fxxx Me Royally! - Horny Magical Princess

In this brand new title from the creators of Fashioning Little Miss Lonesome, players take on the role of Kawai Marika, a princess from a sex-positive world full of magic that places no value on chastity. She’s teleported directly to Japan with one goal in mind: to score a husband from another world both for her own enjoyment, and to help bring new ideas and culture back to her own nation. As Marika, players will take the lead in the pursuit of two men who catch her upon arrival – the level-headed worrywart, Agatsuma Kaoru, and the considerate show-off, Takai Ryuusei. The power to choose and seduce either rests entirely in your hands!


If a kiss is a greeting, then sex is a conversation!

Marika is a princess from another world—Kamel'toh, a land of magic.

In search of her future husband, she comes to planet Earth, where she meets two innocent and virginal male college students.

"Say, what do you guys think of me?"

"W-Well, you're very... forward...?"

"We may come from different cultures, but nonetheless, I do find you to be an attractive woman..."

Different worlds, different perspectives—can the princess overcome these obstacles and fall in love for the first time? ♪


Fxxx Me Royally!
Horny Magical Princess
Developer: Kalmia8
Platform: Windows 7, 8, 10
Language: Japanese audio (full voice) with English text
Genre: Otome, Romance, Comedy
Content: 18+
Graphics: 1280 x 720 uncensored
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