Kara no Shojo - The Second Episode

In the period known as "pre-war," when Japan was taking its first steps into conflict... In the snowy mountains of the west, there is a settlement called Hitogata. In this place, with its strange custom of worshipping a clay doll called Hinna-sama, a woman is killed on the night of a festival.

The villagers unanimously refer to this incident as "Hinna-sama's Curse." They say that she was cursed for worshipping Hinna-sama despite being unworthy.

December, 1957.

It's been almost two years since Kuchiki Toko was abducted from her hospital room. Tokisaka Reiji's sister, Yukari, saves a man attempting to commit suicide. The man is a victim of "Hinna-sama's Curse," which has resurfaced in the present...

Tokisaka Reiji acts to sever the delusions that span the war. All the while carrying his own delusions about Toko in his heart... At the same time, a religious group that was thought to have disbanded six years ago begins to move again.

What could it be scheming?

Even if Heaven brings down a curse, it is human hands that enact it.


Tokisaka Reiji
“Well, in any case, it's a detective's job to be cruel.”
Voiced by: Takahashi Ganaranai

A private detective who reprises his role as protagonist in this game. He's sloppy by nature and quick to irritation, but also has a strong sense of responsibility. He works as a detective now, carrying painful memories of his past when he lost his fiancée during a case and quit his job as a police detective. He currently lives with his younger sister, Yukari.

He continues to search for a kidnapped girl after getting involved in the "Kara no Shoujo Incident." It's been almost two years since she was kidnapped, but he still has no leads. That's when he meets Masaki Tomoyuki, who has just attempted suicide. In this game, he's acquired a driver's license and drives a car. He's not particularly good at driving, however…

“I’m Tokisaka Reiji. I’ve got a detective agency in Shinjuku. Uozumi gave me a car in his infinite generosity, so I’ve been enjoying driving around lately. Yukari doesn’t seem to like my driving, though, and won’t come with me. ...I wonder why.”
"Isn't it a little odd for a police superintendent to call over a P.I. like this?"
Masaki Tomoyuki
"...It looks like I've escaped death once again."
Voiced by: Michide Sho

An unemployed man, one of the game's protagonists. When he attempted suicide in Inokashira Park, he was found and rescued by Tokisaka Yukari. After he's discharged from the hospital, he's hired as a (temporary) assistant at the Tokisaka Detective Agency.

Because he cut his wrist during his suicide attempt, he currently can't use his left hand very well. Since a blood transfusion from Tokisaka saved his life, Masaki endures the harsh work Tokisaka puts him through — though not without complaints. In reality, he has nothing else to do, so he's just going along with it due to his passive nature. He has a mature personality for better or worse, and is the type to create distance between himself and others.

“Hello. My name is Masaki Tomoyuki. I’m supposed to be introducing myself, but there’s nothing really to introduce… Oh, I recently injured my left arm so I’m a little inconvenienced by that. That’s about it.”
"...It looks like I've escaped death once again."
Kayahara Yukiko
"...I'm sorry, I don't have a good memory..."
Voiced by: Ayumi Sarah

A girl who just joined Yukari's class at Ouba Girls' Academy. She's a shy, meek girl who tends to avoid interacting with other people. She's extremely socially awkward and doesn't adapt well to her new class until Yukari and Kohane start talking to her, after which she begins opening up to them.

She becomes interested in painting during her interactions with Yukari and joins the art club. Before joining the art club her only hobby was reading. On an unrelated note, she appears to be very well developed for her rather unbalanced diet.

“I’m Kayahara Yukiko. I just transferred to Ouba Girls’ Academy. I’m in Tokisaka-san and Tori-san’s class, and I guess Sato-san would be my underclassman. And… I like reading books, I suppose. It’s nice to meet you.”
"...I'm sorry, I don't have a good memory..."
Tokisaka Yukari
"Heheh... It's because you're so sloppy outside of work, Nii-san."
Voiced by: Kawashima Rino

Tokisaka Reiji's extremely well-mannered sister. She's gentle but firm, a kind girl who loves her brother, and truly the ideal Japanese woman. Of course, she still loves bugs, which is the one thing her friends Kohane and Yukiko are wary of.

She's in a new department now at school, but remains in the art club. However, the club's only member besides Yukari is her friend Kohane, who does little more than show up to fulfill their member requirement, so she's truly happy to welcome Yukiko to the art club when she shows an interest in painting.

“I’m Tokisaka Reiji’s sister, Yukari. I just figured this out recently, but if you put sweet sauce on bee larvae, it tastes like broiled eel. I’ll have to ask my brother what he thinks about that later.”
"Heheh... It's because you're so sloppy outside of work, Nii-san."
Tori Kohane
“Hey, Yukaricchi, up to anything today?”
Voiced by: Anzu Hana

Yukari's classmate and friend. She's a girl who can interact casually and act unreservedly with everyone.She's a serious girl at heart, but will speak and act inconsiderately, sometimes confusing those around her. She loves pointless actions and meaningless challenges. She also enjoys teasing Yukari with fibs and practical jokes.

She's met Yukiko before and calls her "Yukiko-chan," and also calls Yukari the affectionate nickname "Yukaricchi." She's in the art club to spend time with Yukari, but doesn't actually participate in their activities.

“Hi there! I’m Tori Kohane. I’m friends with Yukaricchi and we spend our days doing things like thiiiis and thaaaat! Though here isn’t the best place to tell you exactly what sort of things we do.”
“Hey, Yukaricchi, up to anything today?”
Sato Ayumu
"I'll accompany you. I am your assistant after all, Tokisaka-sensei."
Voiced by: Yuzuki Kaname

A female student who aspires to be a detective's assistant and is currently the captain of the kendo team. She's a hot-blooded but well-mannered girl with a strong sense of justice. She's got a cool, androgynous vibe to her.

In just a year, she's grown much taller and her chest has developed significantly, her boyishness replaced by a more tomboyish look.

“I’m Sato Ayumu, assistant at the Tokisaka Detective Agency. Self-proclaimed. Lately I’ve been eating more—because I’m growing, I guess. I work out, so I don’t feel like I’ve gotten fatter, but the fact that I get so surprisingly hungry seems a little dangerous to me, as a girl.”
"I'll accompany you. I am your assistant after all, Tokisaka-sensei."
Kuchiki Chizuru
"...I have no right to stop you."
Voiced by: Hamura Nao

The adoptive mother of Kuchiki Toko, who's currently missing. She has a composed, but gloomy personality. Her relationship with her daughter wasn't a particularly good one.

She receives periodic reports from Tokisaka on the search for Toko and assists with his investigation when he requests.

“My name is Kuchiki Chizuru. It looks like Tokisaka-san is still searching for her. I’ve already given up… and I wish he would just leave me be.”
"...I have no right to stop you."
Kuchiki Fumiya
"...With what happened before, we really have no other choice."
Voiced by: Kishiri Toru

Chizuru's quiet, good-natured brother. After his father resigned to take responsibility for the "Kara no Shoujo Incident," he took over as director of the Kuchiki Hospital (formerly the Kuchiki Pathological Research Institute).

He works diligently as the director to fulfill his duties, and the patients they lost due to the incident are slowly regaining their trust in the hospital. For the most part, he cooperates with Tokisaka's investigations.

“Hello, I’m Kuchiki Fumiya. I ran a small clinic before, but now I’m the director of the Kuchiki Hospital. The hospital went through a lot during the incident before, but things have calmed down now. Feel free to visit the Kuchiki Hospital if you’re sick or injured.”
"...With what happened before, we really have no other choice."
Hazuki Kyoko
"...Men sure do like to flirt with the young ladies."
Voiced by: Yuzuki Kaname

The owner of the coffee shop "Moon World." She's a sociable woman who likes to take care of people.

She has unrequited feelings for Tokisaka, suffering knowing that his thoughts are with someone else. On the other hand, she knows about Uozumi's feelings for her, but can't bring herself to respond to him either.

“I’m Hazuki Kyoko. I run the coffee shop Moon World. It’s nice when people come and enjoy coffee or tea and snacks, but sometimes Tokisaka-kun comes at night and just drinks booze! It’s supposed to be a coffee shop!”
"...Men sure do like to flirt with the young ladies."
Aoki Toji
"...You should be. You're more of a slave driver than Shugo."
Voiced by: Mori Kanon

She now works as a freelance journalist, but she was once a high-ranking member of an organization called the "Hand of Death" based in Ueno. She's retired from the organization and now has her own small business.

Awakening to her love of journalism after the Senri incident, Toji now investigates things such as social issues on her own.

“Aoki Toji. I cut my hair, so I haven’t been able to wear my favorite hair pin lately, but it’s pretty convenient having it short like this. ...Hmm? Who told you I cut it because of a broken heart?! I-I don’t have any feelings for Shugo or— no, uh, it’s nothing.”
"...You should be. You're more of a slave driver than Shugo."
Yaginuma Ryoichi
"Didn't you know? I have the devil's luck."
Voiced by: Harada Tomotaka

A superintendent of the metropolitan police. One look would tell you he's a narcissist. He's also foul-mouthed and has an unbearable personality to match. Also worth noting is that he's got the devil's luck and has overcome many an incident in one piece. It's not just luck, however; he's also quite a skilled police officer.

He uses Tokisaka and a few others like they're his own limbs to compensate for a lack of manpower

“Hello, I’m Yaginuma Ryoichi. I’ll be taking an exam for promotion soon. When that’s done, I’ll be a senior superintendent. I’m quite talented, after all. Most people don’t get to senior superintendent even in their late thirties at the earliest. Oh, I’m sorry, I don’t actually like to brag like this. Of course, I’ll still head out to crime scenes regardless of my rank. Who just said they’re promoting me because we’re short on manpower?!”
"Didn't you know? I have the devil's luck."
Takashiro Natsume
"Call me Natsume-san."
Voiced by: Isshiki Hikaru

The eldest daughter of the Takashiro family, a coroner on active duty. She's even more of an oddball than her beloved sister Nana due to her appearance and her personality. Doesn't respond to anything other than "Natsume-san."

She's selfish and egotistical, but she's still an older sister and consequently likes taking care of people.

“It’s everybody’s favorite gal, Natsume-san! What? Ya don’t need me? Why not?! I give it my darn best every day, y’know! What? Ya want Nana-chan? She’s on a journey ‘round the world right now. I don’t reckon she’ll be comin’ back here. But… ya might just get a phone call, perhaps…”
"Call me Natsume-san."
Sawashiro Nanako
"Oh... Here for a visit?"
Voiced by: Shinohara Yumi

Works as a pediatric nurse in Tokyo. She's adored by her patients and everyone else around her for her bright and gentle personality.

She's originally from the Hitogata Settlement and moved to Tokyo because of her father's work.

Kamizono Mayu
"I have your medicine."
Voiced by: Yuki Mio

She thinks Masaki looks a little like the man in an old photograph she found in her mother's possessions after her death.

She's since taken an interest in him as a member of the opposite sex and intends to ask him about it.

“I’m Kamizono Mayu. I’m a nurse in the psychiatric ward at the Kuchiki Hospital. My hobby is making sweets—sometimes I like to give them to patients. I hope we’ll have a nice long relationship after this.”
"I have your medicine."
Shirosaki Michiru
"Oh? Yes, I see. You're thirsty, Carol?"
Voiced by: Imuraya Honoka

An odd girl with a peculiar air to her. Everything about her is eccentric, including her actions, words, and conduct.

She looks strange carrying a stuffed rabbit around everywhere and talking to it, but she's actually incredibly smart. She's quite pretty too, which only makes her stand out more.

“I’m Michiru. Shirosaki Michiru. I don’t think… I have any other names. Oh, but I have Carol... ‘It’s a secret why Michiru’s in the hospital!’”
"Oh? Yes, I see. You're thirsty, Carol?"
Yamanouchi Koharu
"You said there was something you wanted to ask about?"
Voiced by: Kasumi Ryo

An obstetrician at the Kuchiki Hospital. A gentle person with a serious demeanor who likes taking care of people.She was a great help to Tokisaka during the previous incident.

Due to the small amount of doctors they have available, she often has to help with things other than her actual field of obstetrics.

“I’m Yamanouchi Koharu, and I’m in charge of obstetrics at the Kuchiki Hospital. I do work outside of my field as well though, since the hospital’s still short on staff after all the chaos. If you’re hospitalized here, I think we’ll probably meet. I hope we’ll be able to get along then.”
"You said there was something you wanted to ask about?"
Kayahara Fuyumi
"Hazuki-chan, I'd like some coffee too."
Voiced by: Hitsuru Maki

Yukiko's mother. She raised Yukiko by herself while also working at a nursery. She's very candid, but is also exceptionally good at looking after others.

She's a regular customer at the coffee shop "Moon World" and is an acquaintance of Kyoko as well.

“I’m Kayahara Fuyumi. As you can tell from my surname, ‘Kayahara,’ I’m Yukiko’s mother. Oh? You there, who said I look young to be Yukiko’s mother—thank you! But she would be younger I suppose, wouldn’t she?”
"Hazuki-chan, I'd like some coffee too."
Shigusa Yayoi
"...Oh, I just knew Tokyo was a scurry place!"
Voiced by: Mikogami Neko

The daughter of Shigusa Kensei and Miya. She normally lives outside of the settlement, as it would be too difficult to commute to school from home.

Normally she speaks in standard Japanese, but when she gets flustered, her rural dialect comes out instead.

“Hello! I’m Shigusa Yayoi. Umm, sometimes my Toyama accent comes out, but I can speak standard Japanese as well! Pleased ta meetcha! That means ‘pleased to meet you.’”
"...Oh, I just knew Tokyo was a scurry place!"
Oribe Tokihiro
"—We were not originally called Senri, but the Congregation of the Blessed."
Voiced by: No☆Ball

The chairman of the Blessed Congregation. He was a trusted friend of Shigusa Michio, the founder of the Congregation of the Blessed.

After the dissolution of Senri several years ago, he decided to reform the group as the Blessed Congregation, knowing that there were those who had nothing else to cling to but the group.

“I am Oribe Tokihiro, a representative of the Blessed Congregation. We arose to restore Senri to the glory it had when it was the Congregation of the Blessed after outsiders destroyed the organization.”
"—We were not originally called Senri, but the Congregation of the Blessed."
Utsugi Keigo
"Silence, please. A representative of our organization would like to make a statement."
Voiced by: Maki Masato

In charge of the business and finances of the Blessed Congregation. A gentle-mannered man who contrasts with the pompous Oribe.

He avoided the organization during its period as "Senri" because the higher ups weren't fond of him at the time.

“My name is Utsugi Keigo. I help out as a leader of the Blessed Congregation, but I can’t say I’m exactly carefree. Office work takes a lot of mental energy, you know.”
"Silence, please. A representative of our organization would like to make a statement."
Kuchiki Toko
"...When will you find me?"
Voiced by: Aji Sanma

A girl who was abducted after losing the ability to move on her own during the "Kara no Shoujo Incident." Finding Toko has become Tokisaka's only goal.

Old Man
"Heh... I don't need your pity."
Voiced by: Kishiri Toru

A person whose entire existence is a mystery. He's here once again, diligently grilling up his terrible takoyaki and waxing philosophical on life. He's been getting letters from his daughter lately, but…

Men let their backs do the talking…

“What? You wanna hear my voice sample? Heh… I don’t need your pity. I’m just a simple takoyaki vendor. If I can fry my takoyaki up here, that’s good enough for me.”
"Hello, little lady... Would you care for some takoyaki?"
"...I am staying at the Shigusa Shrine. My name is Satsuki."
Voiced by: Notsuki Mahiru

A girl who came to the Hitogata Settlement as a "guest" shortly before the festival. She's a distant relative of the Shigusa family and wears a kimono. She's a quiet girl with a very mysterious air to her, and she gives off a sort of unstable, insecure impression. She's nicknamed "Sacchan" by the boys and girls of the settlement when she meets them.

Since she's staying at the Shigusa Shrine instead of the settlement's only hotel, the Futami Inn, there's a rumor among the residents, beginning with Naori and Ayato, that she's the "Miko" who manifests every dozen or so years.

“My name is Satsuki and I’m staying at the Shigusa Shrine in the Hitogata Settlement. Umm, I received the nickname ‘Sacchan’ from my friends, and I’d be very happy if you’d call me that too. It’s nice to meet you.”
"...I am staying at the Shigusa Shrine. My name is Satsuki."
Hinagami Karen
"Oh, I'll go too, Nii-sama."
Voiced by: Shina Karen

Ayato's twin sister. She's a kind, quiet girl who loves her brother dearly. She yearns for life in Tokyo, has an interest in fashion, and tries as best as she can to speak standard Japanese. She also acquires fashion magazines from Tokyo and reads them with Meguri, and uses her sewing skills to design original western-style clothes.

Ayato calls her "Karen," but the rest of her friends call her "Ohina." She often hangs out with Meguri and Yu, but most of the time she sticks as close as she can to her brother.

“I’m Karen, the eldest daughter of the Hinagami family. I have a twin brother, but we don’t really look that alike. He’s a bit thick-headed and not too bright, but I hope you’ll get along with him!”
"Oh, I'll go too, Nii-sama."
Takamiya Meguri
"I want some takoyaki. What about you, Ohina?"
Voiced by: Yoshikawa Kana

Long-time friends with Ayato and Naori's group, and the same age as Ayato and Karen. She has an amiable personality and is the life of the party in her group of friends. She seems to have faint romantic feelings for Ayato.

She and Karen often pore over fashion magazines together. Others may see her close relationship with Karen as a way to attract Ayato's attention. Her friends affectionately refer to her as "Guriko."

“I’m Takamiya Meguri. My nickname is ‘Guriko.’ Hey! Who the heck just said ‘caramel’ and ‘Ebisu Bridge’ and ‘300 meters in one piece’?! I’m not that running guy!”
"I want some takoyaki. What about you, Ohina?"
Futami Yu
"—Guriko, you're bothering Sacchan."
Voiced by: Aikawa Kei

The soon-to-be mistress of the Hitogata Settlement's only hotel, the Futami Inn. Her parents are already gone, so she was raised by the Old Mistress, her grandmother Yoshie. She's the serious, fastidious type, with a strong sense of responsibility. She's the most mature of her friends, perhaps because she has to help out at the inn.

She's a sweet girl who tries much harder than most to support her one and only family member, her grandmother. She can nag at times, but she sticks with her friends, even when they're acting stupid. Naori, who's also more mature, seems to be on her mind. She's called "Young Mistress" by her friends.

“I’m Futami Yu, the daughter of the Futami Inn. I’m called the ‘Young Mistress’ because my family’s business is a ryokan, and I believe I will probably end up running it in the future. Please visit the Futami Inn if you ever find yourself in Hitogata.”
"—Guriko, you're bothering Sacchan."
Hinagami Ayato
"Hey, Nao-chan, when are you gonna take us to this hideout of yours?"
Voiced by: Kokubu Koichiro

The grandson of the Hitogata Settlement's leader, Hinagami Hideomi. He's Hinagami Karen's twin brother. Since he was born into such an important family, he's a considerate child and often spends his time alone drawing pictures. He's quiet, but full of curiosity about many things, and has always enjoyed reading detective novels. Little by little, he's attracted to the girl who came from outside, Satsuki, who seems somehow different than himself to him.

He usually spends his time with his old friend and cousin Kuroya Naori. He admires Naori as a smarter, older brother figure who can teach him a lot of things. All of his friends call him "Rihito."

“I’m Hinagami Ayato. My friends call me ‘Rihito.’ Umm, I like to draw, I suppose. What else do I like… Oh, I can play a little shogi. I’ve had to play against my grandfather, so...”
"Hey, Nao-chan, when are you gonna take us to this hideout of yours?"
Kuroya Naori
"...I'm not sure what there is to be happy about lately, though."
Voiced by: Mayama Chugo

Kuroya Yuzuru's son and the heir of the Kuroya Clinic. He's Ayato and Karen's cousin and old friend.

He's a boy who thinks about things outside of the box, and is quite clever too. He's studying to become a doctor to take over the hospital. Naori came up with all of his friends' nicknames.

“Hello! I’m Kuroya Naori. As my surname may suggest, I’m planning on taking over the Kuroya Clinic, but… hmm… Well, I dunno… My grandpa’s still pretty healthy, and if my dad re-married and I got a little brother or sister, couldn’t one of them do it?”
"...I'm not sure what there is to be happy about lately, though. Isn't it a no-consultation day? What are you doing here?"
Sawashiro Nanako
"I keep telling you to stop touching my butt as a greeting, Doctor!"
Voiced by: Shinohara Yumi

The nurse of the Hitogata Settlement's only medical facility, the Kuroya Clinic. The director of the clinic, Kuroya So, is constantly touching her butt. Nanako is positive and cheerful, with a soothing personality, and the people of the settlement adore her.

She helps the all-men Kuroya family with housework sometimes, and they're completely indebted to her. She's happy that they treat her like family. She's closest in age to the Kuroya family's only son, Naori, so they talk a lot. She tries to get Naori to speak more respectfully to her since she's older than him, but he never listens. It appears to be revenge for her calling him "Nao-chan."

“I’m Sawashiro Nanako and I’m a nurse at the Kuroya Clinic. I think I’m treated very warmly by the Kuroya Clinic, as if I’m a member of the family. I suppose the only downside would be that it’s a household of men, so the cleaning doesn’t get done very quickly at times.”
"I keep telling you to stop touching my butt as a greeting, Doctor!"
Kuchiki Chizuru
"Later... can I take a picture of you, Nii-san?"
Voiced by: Hamura Nao

Came to the Kuroya Clinic her grandfather Kuroya So manages to recuperate due to her weak constitution. Her brother Fumiya accompanied her as her chaperone.

She spends her time walking around the settlement with Fumiya and taking pictures, which is her hobby.

Kuchiki Fumiya
"Chizuru, it's almost time for your check-up."
Voiced by: Kishiri Toru

A kind, quiet boy who accompanied his sister Chizuru to the Hitogata Settlement from Tokyo. He's studying to become a surgeon to follow in his father's footsteps.

Hinagami Hideomi
"So a big war is coming..."
Voiced by: Maki Masato

The current head of the Hinagami household, he knows everything about the Hinagami family. He's Shizuru and Yuzuru's father, and Ayato and Karen's grandfather. He's so intimidating that his grandchildren have a hard time approaching him and are afraid to talk to him. He's the ruler of the Hitogata Settlement and Shigusa Yoshimitsu is about the only person who can speak to him on equal grounds.

He brought great prosperity to the Hitogata Settlement when he transformed Hinagami Pharmaceuticals from a regional pharmacy to a Tokyo business. He's already yielded presidency of the company to his eldest son Shizuru, but his dignity and influence haven't declined at all.

“I am Hinagami Hideomi, the head of the Hinagami family. The Hinagami bloodline is one that must never die out. The Hinagami family is exceptional, though I don’t expect outsiders to understand that. Come forward if you have complaints.”
"So a big war is coming..."
Hinagami Mariko
"What is it, Ayato-san? Whatever it is, there's no need to be so noisy in front of a guest."
Voiced by: Aikawa Kei

Hideomi's wife, and Shizuru and Yuzuru's mother. Her sister Rioko married into the Shigusa family. Anyone who wants to see Hideomi has to go through Mariko first.

She prioritizes preserving the customs and traditions of the village over all else.

“I am Hinagami Hidoemi’s wife. My name is Mariko. Rioko at the Shigusa Shrine is my sister and we look very much alike. I, however, have a mole underneath my right eye. Please use that to tell us apart.”
"What is it, Ayato-san? Whatever it is, there's no need to be so noisy in front of a guest."
Hinagami Shizuru
"It's the same every time, but I always get nervous, even though he's my father."
Voiced by: Kamakura Daiki

Ayato and Karen's father. He's the eldest son of the current head of the Hinagami family, Hideomi, and will succeed the family. He's already the president of Hinagami Pharmaceuticals and is usually working himself to the bone in Tokyo.

Being the eldest son of the Hinagami family, he follows the customs and traditions of the settlement.

“I represent and manage Hinagami Pharmaceuticals. My name is Hinagami Shizuru. Sorry, but I’m a little busy—I’m working my butt off every day in Tokyo. Hahh… Already this late, huh? You’ll have to excuse me.”
"It's the same every time, but I always get nervous, even though he's my father."
Shigusa Yoshimitsu
"Now we must contain the commotion."
Voiced by: Kamakura Daiki

The chief priest of the Shigusa Shrine. He's the only person in the Hitogata Settlement who can contend with the Hinagami family on equal terms. The heads of the two families don't get along well.

All of the children of the settlement find it hard to approach him.

“I am the chief priest of the Shigusa Shrine, Shigusa Yoshimitsu. I apologize, but we’re very busy getting ready for the festival, so I don’t really have the time. If you decide to come to the festival, I hope you enjoy yourself.”
"Now we must contain the commotion."
Shigusa Rioko
"Previous generations fulfilled their duties properly."
Voiced by: Kusamura Kei

Shigusa Yoshimitsu's wife. She's also Hinagami Mariko's twin sister. She's a strict disciplinarian, with herself and others.

Protecting the customs and traditions of the Shigusa and Hinagami families is everything to her.

“I am Shigusa Yoshimitsu’s wife. My name is Rioko. Hinagami Mariko would be my sister. If you’re wondering how to tell us apart, just look to see if we have a mole under our right eyes. If there’s no mole, it’s me, Rioko.”
"Previous generations fulfilled their duties properly."
Shigusa Saya
"Not even the police may meet with the Miko."
Voiced by: Ogura Yui

The second daughter of the Shigusa family, she works at the shrine as a shrine maiden. She offered dances as a stand-in for the absent "Miko" at previous festivals every March. She's also looking after Satsuki, their guest.

Her speech and attitude is polite, but her face rarely displays her emotions. Since she was raised strictly as a shrine maiden of the Shigusa Shrine, she's strict in her interactions with other people.

“My name is Shigusa Saya. I work as a shrine maiden at the Shigusa Shrine. It’s difficult to manage and clean the entire shrine, but it isn’t too bad when we all share the work. Come to think of it, I wonder why Takayama-san of the police station always helps us out. Is he just that devout?”
"Not even the police may meet with the Miko."
Shigusa Kensei
"The Hinagami family has brought the village prosperity for a long time now."
Voiced by: Umanami Kota

The son-in-law of the Shigusa family, Miya's husband. He's a serious young man. Kensei married into the Shigusa family since it didn't have a male successor.

As the successor of the Shigusa Shrine, Kensei is most likely well versed in much of the family's circumstances.

“My name is Shigusa Kensei. I’m the senior priest at the Shigusa Shrine. I basically just help out the chief priest, my father-in-law. My hobbies would be gardening and growing crops, I suppose. I hope spring comes soon.”
"The Hinagami family has brought the village prosperity for a long time now."
Shigusa Miya
"Satsuki-san, Saya's waiting for you."
Voiced by: Imuraya Honoka

The eldest daughter of the Shigusa family. She's a kind, sociable woman. She married Kensei out of love and they have a close relationship.

“I’m Shigusa Kensei’s wife. My name is Miya. I was born and raised at the Shigusa Shrine, so I’ve been here longer than my husband, but I lead a carefree life as a housewife now. I’m glad he came and married into the family.”
"Satsuki-san, Saya's waiting for you."
Kuroya So
"If only you would marry into the family, Nanako-kun... (To me.)"
Voiced by: Umanami Kota

The director of the Kuroya Clinic. As the only medical facility in the settlement, the clinic is a lifeline for the people who live there. He's done a comprehensive study of medicine and examines his patients using both internal and external medicine. He's a splendid, friendly doctor who treats his patients warmly; the villagers all trust him.

His family consists of Yuzuru, who married his daughter, and Naori, his grandson. He treats his nurse Nanako like family as well, occasionally touching her butt to "check her condition." Though it bothers Nanako, she's so used to it that she treats it as a minor annoyance.

“I’m Kuroya So. I’m the director of the Kuroya Clinic. I think I’m sort of getting up there in age, but I still have the energy to make house calls all over the village. My secret lies in my enjoyment of robust, rotund, round—Oh, a patient? Well then, I’ll just be going…”
"If only you would marry into the family, Nanako-kun... (To me.)"
Kuroya Yuzuru
"...If you've got that kind of energy, I think you'll live 'til a hundred, dad."
Voiced by: Yamamoto Kanehira

Hinagami Hideomi's second son, who married into the Kuroya Clinic. He's Kuroya Naori's father. He shares responsibility for the health of his neighbors with his father-in-law, So.

“I’m a doctor at the Kuroya Clinic, Kuroya Yuzuru. I look like Hinagami Shizuru? Ah, that would be because he’s my brother. Makes sense that we’d look alike, huh? I married into the Kuroya Clinic and work now as a doctor for the sake of the settlement.”
"...If you've got that kind of energy, I think you'll live 'til a hundred, dad."
Kirimura Yuka
"I should start getting dinner ready, so please excuse me."
Voiced by: Okawa Mio

A servant of the Hinagami family. Her family has been devoted to the Hinagami family since her mother's generation. She's a year younger than Ayato and Karen and loves them as if they were her own siblings.

She looks meek and young, but she's very dependable. She handles cooking, laundry, cleaning, and all other housework without flaw.

“I help look after the Hinagami family. My name is Kirimura Yuka. My mother also served the Hinagami family, which is why I’m working here now. I’m very pleased to meet you.”
"I should start getting dinner ready, so please excuse me."
Futami Yoshie
"It is indeed bad to worship Hinna-sama independently."
Voiced by: Kusamura Kei

The mistress of the settlement's only lodging facility, the Futami Inn. The inn has been around for a long time and is quite a splendid structure. It's not very large, but it does have an outdoor bath. She's Yu's grandmother, and raised Yu after her mother died in childbirth.

She's very devoted and never doubts the actions of the Hinagami family or the existence of the "Miko." She treats outsiders who come looking for information about the village with hostility. On the other hand, she's very friendly to the villagers, especially Ayato, the heir to the Hinagami family.

“I am the mistress of Hitogata’s only inn, Futami Yoshie. Please stay with us if you visit the village. However, please try not to bother the Hinagami or Shigusa families too much. Do I make myself clear?”
"It is indeed bad to worship Hinna-sama independently. You can't steal a march on everyone else to grant your own wish."
Kuki Saizo
"Hey there, ya whippersnappers."
Voiced by: Yamamoto Kanehira

A staff member at the town hall branch office. He seems like a good-natured old man at a glance. He likes to gossip, but he's just as wary of outsiders as the other villagers, and he'll hold his tongue if asked about the village.

Since he's lived there for so long, he knows comparatively more than most about the past. The kids think of him as a scary old man.

“I work at the branch office of the Hitogata town hall. The name’s Kuki Saizo. I suppose you could say I handle civil matters, or something like that. Just don’t cause any trouble ‘round these parts. I don’t wanna deal with nothin’ scurrier than my wife— uh! No, I didn’t say nothin’.”
"Hey there, ya whippersnappers."
Takayama Shinobu
"Sheesh... This isn't a playground, y'know."
Voiced by: No☆Ball

The settlement's only police officer, stationed in its only police station. He has a strong sense of justice, but he spins his wheels a lot. On top of being excitable, he's also quite careless. Sometimes Naori and his friends hang out at the station where he works.

Though he's a police officer, he was also raised in the settlement, so he has a hard time being authoritative to the Hinagami and Shigusa families. More often than not, in fact, he defers to them.

"I’m Takayama Shinobu, and I work at the Hitogata police station. Yep, usually it’s pretty quiet here. There aren’t too many crime-like crimes, but... uh, the kids come in and swipe my snacks and lunch sometimes. That’s the worst crime we’ve got!”
"Sheesh... This isn't a playground, y'know."
Inui Bunji
"Get rid of the rubbernecks."
Voiced by: Iwao Zenshu

A veteran police inspector from the Toyama prefectural police. He's investigating a certain case that involves the Hitogata Settlement.

He's very suspicious and doesn't open up to others easily. He acts out of complete faith in his judgment.

“Inui Bunji. Toyama prefectural police. I’ve got nothing to say. All I want is to get to the bottom of this case. Why… Why were the victims killed? Figuring that out is my job. Now, time to investigate.”
"Get rid of the rubbernecks."

Present Locations


December, 1957, about two years after the previous "Kara no Shojo." A period of rapid growth for Japan as it activates its first nuclear reactor and early Skylines are being unveiled at car shows. Meanwhile, chaos is erupting in Tokyo as government sanctioned "red-line" districts are being abolished, private prostitution is becoming more common, and an abnormal, perverted murder occurs in Nakano.

Tokisaka Detective Agency

It stands on a corner of Kabukicho in Shinjuku, unchanged from two years ago. It's messy as always on the inside, but someone will be using it as a live-in assistant this time.

Ouba Girls' Academy

A girls' college many young ladies attend. The school was in chaos after several of its members were victims or culprits of the incident two years ago, but it's since resumed normal operations. The building is surrounded by walls on all sides, and there's a security guard stationed at the gate.

Moon World

A coffee shop close to Kichijoji Station. It's run by Hazuki Kyoko, an old friend of the Tokisaka siblings. She also sells coffee beans roasted in the shop and has several regular customers. It's also a place where Ouba Academy girls come to relax.

Kuchiki Hospital

The Kuchiki Pathological Research Institute, which was heavily impacted by the Kara no Shoujo Incident, became a regular medical facility instead when its chair, Kuchiki Yasutada, resigned to take responsibility for the incident. Yasutada's eldest son, Fumiya, has taken his place as director.

Past Locations


Several years before the "Present" segment of the game. Japan was taking small steps toward the World War. The Tokyo Olympics, which were to be the first in Asia, were cancelled, and the Zero fighter took its maiden flight. The Hitogata Settlement, which still observed ancient traditions and customs, oblivious to the state of the world, finally began feeling the effects of the current time.

Hitogata Settlement

The Hitogata Settlement formed when seven areas joined together. It had long been ruled by the Hinagami and Shigusa families, and was an insular community, not interested in trade with the outside world.

Hinagami Residence

The Hinagami family wielded the most authority in the Hitogata Settlement. They'd recently advanced into Tokyo as a pharmaceutical company and shared the benefit with the settlement, which was isolated from society.

Shigusa Shrine

The Shigusa Shrine sat atop the highest point in the settlement. Their original purpose was to support the Hinagami family, but they were also the only ones who could question the Hinagami family, and were charged with preventing a dictatorship. Considering their positions, the heads of each family had a hostile relationship with one another.

Kuroya Clinic

The Kuroya Clinic was the Hitogata Settlement's only medical institution. Thanks to the abundant amount of medicine shared with them by Hinagami Pharmaceuticals, the clinic had become an indispensable existence to the people of the settlement. Furthermore, it was the Kuroya family's job to take the middle ground between the Hinagami and Shigusa families.


Detective System

The goal of Innocent Grey's Kara no Shojo 2 is the same as its predecessor, Kara no Shojo — for the player to investigate and deduce the mystery, leading the case to its conclusion. This game is also the largest and most intricate of IG's games yet, with a fully voiced cast, including the protagonist.

The Detective System has evolved with each entry in the series. The Detective System largely consists of these four parts: "Story," "Exploration," "Investigation," and "Deduction." Each part is seamlessly integrated into the story, creating an enjoyable "game," rather than merely a "visual novel."


The main part of the game, where conventional text and choices advance the plot.


The player can travel to raise characters' event flags and gather information.


The player investigates things like crime scenes directly by clicking the screen.


The player deduces things using the information gained in the other parts.

Notebook System

Character List

Profiles and characteristics of the characters. Updates over the course of the story and serves as options for choices in the Deduction.

Evidence List

A record of the information and evidence obtained during the investigation. Allows the player to verify the state of the investigation and serves as options for choices in the Deduction.

Investigation Notes

Updates when the investigation progresses or when incidents occur. Allows the player to verify the basic course of the story.


Allows the player to verify the places related to incidents and the main characters' area of activities.

Correlation Chart

A correlation chart displaying the complex relationships between characters. Updates over the course of the story.


The English translation of Kara no Shojo 2 adds a glossary to the notebook with translation notes for some of the more obscure terminology and references in the game. It can be accessed from the notebook when playing the Tokisaka perspective parts of the game, and from clicking the terms that appear in the game text when the notebook is inaccessible.


Kara no Shojo - The Second Episode
Developer: Innocent Grey
Price: $39.95
Release Date: October 30, 2015
Platform: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, Mac OSX, Linux
Language: English text, Japanese audio
Genre: Horror, Mystery
Content: 18+