Nightmare x Sisters - Sacrifice of Lust-Hell

From our new partner, Guilty, the creators of Gibo, comes Nightmare x Sisters, the first title in their Nightmare series!

Behind the facade of everyday life, evil lurks in the shadows, and it's Sister Setsuna's job to exorcise these vile demons along with her true sister Yuka. However, cases of such possessions are on the rise - a concerning trend that warns of looming disaster. When Yuka is ensnared and captured, Setsuna rushes to her aid, only to fall victim to the cult as well! Will these two brave heroines be able to escape their captors? Or will they remain trapped, forced to breed new generations of demons to be unleashed upon the populace?!


Our protagonist is a girl named Setsuna Shindo. At first glance, she's just a normal high school student, but after school and on her days off, she's a Sister of the Central Church along with her older sister, Yuka. However that's not all they are. Sisters by blood and Sisters of the church, there's a darker side to their duties:

Exorcism, the dispelling of vile demonic forces that have forced their way into the bodies of innocent humans. Cases of possessions have been on the rise of late, and as the thought surfaced as to whether this was some kind of dark premonition...

Yuka would find herself kidnapped by a mysterious organization, leaving no trace of her whereabouts. Setsuna searches for her missing sister, helped by the head priest of the church, and her childhood friend Toma Kitagawa.

Yuka's captors initiate their search for Setsuna as well, and this will mark the beginning of her eternal purgatory of vile lust...