The Pillagers of Raillore

In a future over one hundred years hence...

All the people in the world have awakened to unique abilities called 'Dunamis'. As these special powers become rooted in people's everyday lives, their value system changes, and those who lack powers are the ones who are treated as strange. With the passing of the ages, the environment has changed completely, while society has greatly regressed. The overall population of mankind has diminished as well, and most of the world is made up of wastelands and greenery dotted with the weathered ruins of the world before.

The City of Raillore.

With brickwork buildings like those of the Middle Ages, developed over land graced with lush greenery and rivers. With the concept of nations gone from the world, Raillore exists as something of a self-sufficient commune. The Order of Security and Regulatory Knights - AKA the Regulatory Corps - serves as a government organization in charge of handling crime prevention and other tasks that require force of arms.

But things begin to change as odd incidents take place, one after another...

Those possessing abilities different from those of Dunamis begin to appear. The people fear this power and the phenomena it causes, and those capable of it are designated as ‘Errors’. The sudden appearance of these Errors is regarded as a disease, and the handling of Errors is placed under the jurisdiction of the Regulatory Corps. As people tremble in fear of the vicissitudes of the changing times, there are those who try to open a way to the future with their own strength...


The Pillagers of Raillore
Developer: 3rdEye
Platform: Windows 7, 8, 10
Language: Japanese audio with English text
Genre: Fantasy, Battle, Post-Apocalypse
Content: Adult Only
Graphics: Uncensored