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What is Rance?

Rance is an adult fantasy RPG series started by Alicesoft in 1988. The series focuses on a character named Rance who was designed to be the opposite of the hero characters in traditional Japanese RPGs of the time. Consequently Rance is an extremely selfish, violent, horny asshole, and if he does anything good, it's usually by accident.

The games in the series make up a continuous story, but each is mostly enjoyable on its own as well.

Most of the games are some sort of RPG, but the gameplay in each varies wildly, to the point where most of them are completely different from a gameplay perspective.

The Story So Far...

Rance 01 - Quest for Hikari -
& Rance 02 - The Rebellious Maidens -

Rance III - The Fall of Leazas -

Originally released: November 15th, 1991

The militant nation of Helman's Prince Patton joins hands with the powerful beings known as fiends and invades Leazas, quickly taking over the country. Seeking help to save the imprisoned Princess Lia, Kanami the ninja pays a visit to Rance's house. Rance takes her virginity in exchange for driving Helman out of Leazas!

Key Staff
Directing/Story/Game Design/Map Design: TADA
Main Artist: YUKIMI
Male Character Artist/Monster Art/Character Sprites/Map Design/CG Coloring: Purin

-This is the first game to significantly flesh out the Rance universe, introducing fiends (the main antagonists of the series), different nations, and a decent chunk of the world map
-Sill placed #1 on the Rance 3 popularity poll, even beating Rance

Rance IV - The Legacy of the Sect -

Originally released: December 11th, 1993

Rance and Sill are teleported to the mysterious, floating city of Ylapu. While they search everywhere for a way back to the surface, Leazas and Custom put together a team to bring them back. At the same time, a group of Helmanian soldiers is snooping around Ylapu...

Key Staff
Directing/Story/Game Design/Event Creation: TADA
Main Artist: YUKIMI
Male Character Artist/Map Design/Monster Design/Sprite Art: Purin

-The game was initially developed with scrolling maps in mind, but it couldn't be done due to technical limitations, so the maps had to be significantly shrunk down for the released version.
-Much of this game was created from ideas for a scrapped game called Toushin Toshi Upsilon that was intended to be released for the Sega CD.

Rance 5D - The Lonely Girl -
& Rance VI - Collapse of Zeth -

Rance VII - Sengoku Rance -

Rance Quest MAGNUM

Rance IX - The Helmanian Revolution

Rance X - Showdown