Rance 03 - The Fall Of Leazas

Introducing the latest title in the Rance series - Rance 03.

The Kingdom of Leazas finds itself suddenly under siege from within by the elite forces of Helman and their terrifying allies - the fiends! As the kingdom falls, Princess Lia sends her most trusted servant to find the only man who can save her kingdom - the raunchy adventurer, Rance! Join Rance as he braves dungeons and plows through heroines on his quest for Chaos - the hyper weapon capable of slaying the fiends! Will Rance succeed in retaking the Kingdom of Leazas? He seems confident he will, but what price will he demand from the maidens he rescues?!

This new, modern remake of the old classic features updated visuals, a revamped battle system that adds skills and party tactics to the combat from Rance 01, and a never-before included feature in the Rance series - voice acting!


On a certain day in April, LP 2, the great eastern country of Leazas fell after being invaded by an elite force from the militaristic northern country of Helman led by Imperial Prince Patton. With Patton's forces are supreme beings of great power, who are unable to be wounded by any of Leazas's strongest warriors—fiends. The castle was occupied in a matter of moments and Leazas's ruling monarch, Princess Lia was taken captive.

Is this the end of Leazas?

As the mighty nation becomes a thing of the past in but a single night, one ninja flees the castle, taking with her one of the country's national treasures and a simple message from the princess. With the nation's last shred of hope, she heads to the Free City of Ice in the west. She heads to the brutal warrior, who has nothing in his head but thoughts of beautiful women.