Rose Guns Days

MangaGamer will be releasing a multilingual HD-upscale version of 07th Expansion's Rose Guns Days featuring updated graphics with Japanese, English, and Chinese language options. This brand-new version of Rose Guns Days will be released in four separate chapters on MangaGamer and Steam.

This action-suspense thriller takes place in an alternate history Japan where a natural disaster during World War 2 forced Japan to capitulate to Sino-American forces before the use of the bomb, resulting in a nation divided piecemeal between China and America as both force the native Japanese into the minority as they compete for political superiority in the occupied nation.

When a war veteran and the proprietress of brothel find themselves at the center of multiple gang conflicts, the growing strife soon leads to the birth of a new mafia family aiming to gain power within City 23 to secure the future for their Japanese brethren. Blood, bullets, and tears will fly as mafia vie for control and clash with the occupation forces.


1944. World War 2 has come to a sudden and abrupt end for Japan after a great natural disaster devastated the entire island chain.

The Sino-American Allies proposed an unconditional ceasefire on humanitarian grounds and the Japanese government accepted, thus bringing Japan's war to an end.

Under the premise of reconstructing the devastated Japan, the Sino-American Allies both occupied the nation. To prevent Japan from becoming the spark for a new war between Chinese and American forces, they split Japan up by cities in a complicated chess board rather than evenly split it between north and south. Both nations then competed to see who could reconstruct Japan more rapidly in order to display their nation's might.

As a result, Japan managed to recover from its ruins in only a few scant years. However, the cities under Chinese jurisdiction became Chinatowns, and those under the Americans were Americanized, and Japan was left looking nothing like its former self.

A large wave of immigrants flooded in from both China and America, leaving the Japanese a minority in their own country. Having lost their former homeland, the Japanese were forced to live in a new foreign nation dubbed Japan.

Now the Japanese people are naught but a people without a nation. Yet even so, they still come together and do whatever it takes to live without giving up...