The A Kiss for the Petals Series

A Kiss For The Petals: The New Generation!

The girls of Saint Michael's annex have always admired and looked up to lovely young ladies of the main campus. So naturally, they blossom with newfound excitement when they hear of the main campus' Best Couples poll. Though eager to cast their votes, it also makes them wonder--who are the Best Couples of the annex? This brand-new title in the Petals franchise introduces a trio of new couples with love blooming in the air.


At the Saint Michael Girls' School... festivities erupted among the girls of the annex. The reason for their celebration is the Best Couples poll being held at the main campus. The students at the annex, who look up to the girls from the main campus, decided, "Let's have our own Best Couples!"
...It was always inevitable.
And so, the fairest and most intimate couples were nominated...

The first couple is a pair of childhood friends, Misawa Nagisa and Takahata Rina. The second couple is a pair of twin sisters, Kimishima Ai and her younger sister Aya. And finally... The transfer student who saw this whole thing as no concern of hers, Onohara Hazuki, is shocked to hear that she too, was chosen to be among the Best Couples.

Moreover, her partner is the sheltered young debutante, Suoh Manami. Actually, Hazuki has secretly been crushing on the impeccable Manami... But the truth is, they're far from a couple, and while their classmates may cheer them on, it's all in vain.

But then... Hazuki works up all her courage to ask Manami to become a "Best Couple" with her, and...


A Couple From Different Social Classes...
Onohara Hazuki

Voiced by Tanaka Lili

Strong and kind, popular as a real "girl's girl." That personality of hers is all just an act, though...

"The truth is, I was pretty unimpressive at my old school, so as soon as I had the opportunity to transfer, I jumped at the chance."
Suoh Manami

Voiced by Shiina Amane

A naturally refined lady with an air of grace, she's the kind of girl people want to protect. Her beauty and parentage, along with her elegant manner, have garnered her many fans.

"For something to steal your attention so fully and refuse to let it go... well... it makes me envious."
A Pair of Twins Against The World...
Kimishima Aya

Voiced by Yuzuki Sachi

Ai's younger twin sister, a tsundere girl with a cheerful personality. She grew up lower-class, so she's having a hard time fitting in with the refined girls of St. Michael's.

"You know, a whole lot of the girls at this school, Ai included, seem to have a real problem knowing when to show restraint."
Kimishima Ai

Voiced by Tsubakino Nao

Aya's older twin sister, the class mascot with a catlike personality. She's always clinging to Aya, perhaps the result of a severe sister complex?

"We once shared a single cell... We're a pair of twins against the world..."
A Couple Whose Feelings Are At Odds...
Takahata Rina

Voiced by Ayase Tomari

A transcendent beauty with porcelain skin and golden hair. She's a kissing fiend who will proclaim her childhood friend Nagisa to be her BFF, and kiss her regardless of the time or place.

"Thanks to your interference, our kiss is ruined now! What do you intend to do about it?!"
Misawa Nagisa

Voiced by Mikazuki Ichika

A half-Japanese ace of the track and field club. Her childhood friend Rina has her wrapped around her little finger, and Nagisa can't help but coddle her.

"That's why... As long as you don't mind, Hazuki-san, I'd like it if you would be Rina's friend."


Chapter 5: An Out-of-Season Transfer Student
Chapter 6: Hazuki of All People Should Know

Note: Chapters five and six contain spoilers for the main game, so it is highly recommended that you play the game before reading.


A Kiss For the Petals: The New Generation
Developer: St. Michaels
Release Date: November 25th, 2016
Price: $34.95
Platform: Windows 7, 8, 10, OSX, Linux
Language: English text, Japanese audio (full voice)
Genre: Yuri, romance
Content: 18+
Graphics: 1600 x 1200, uncensored
Art: Aida Takanobu
Script: Madoka Madoka